Devang Singh

Executive Producer/Photographer/Cinematographer

Devang Singh is the one who finds meaning in chaos with his camera. This behind-the-lens gus has extensive experience with food & beverage, fashio & lifestyle, interiors & architecture, industrial, and travel photography among a host of others. He is also adept at film-making and is the grand maester of light.

Shreya Sarawagi

Creative Director/Photographer

From her first photograph of a tree to her latest commercial shoots, Shreya has never failed to take the creative wing to a whole new level. Shreya is our Chef de Imagery, always engaged with planning our exotic shoots, photographing and shooting videos. With a graduation in visual communication from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru and masters in Advance Photography from Light and Life academy, Ooty; photography and she were a love at first sight. An aficionado of food and drinks, she’s the one whose food capturing and styling skills leave people drooling at our portfolio presentations, wherever we go. Apart from being our hunger maker, she’s also our very own Indie Queen. When she’s not working, she’s definitely creating her own lingo or finding the most indie things to do/watch/listen to.

Akriti Agarwal

Lead Producer

Akriti is Studio Fry’s spirit animal. A graduate in mass communication, interacting with people is her forte. She sure adds life to our party with her creativity and enthusiasm. She’s the person who takes the motto, “Never say never”, VERY SERIOUSLY. Always brimming with ideas, there is nothing stopping this girl*. Well, unless you’re a large mug of hazelnut frappe. (COFFEE>LIFE) Akriti is our to-do list, our fulcrum, our party-planner. She is our Overall! *no matter how hard we try

Prateek Sachdeva

Associate Producer

Japneesh Singh Kohli

Associate Producer

Japneesh is 2016 graduate in Business Management from Indiana University and an alumnus of Drama School Mumbai.

Mohd. Kalam

Retouching Artist/ Motion Graphics

Mohd. Kalam a.k.a. Photo Doctor is our digital image technician who turns even the ugliest of ducklings into perfectly sculpted greek gods. His color correction skills justify his doctor’s degree as he works on every image with precision and finesse. Mr. Photo Doctor much Midas everything he touches turns to gold. As a child he was always drawn towards the creative side of everything and his work at Studio Fry is a shining example of people following their passions. Kalam is the quiet boy who rightfully personifies the phrase “In character, in manner, in style, in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity”

Vidur Gupta

Consultant/ Motion Graphics Lead

Vidur Gupta's background in motion graphics, 3D animations and computer generated imagery (CGI) makes him thego-to guy for all things tech. From Hollywood to independent film-makers, he's helped them with striking motion and 3D graphics. He carries the added title of Chief Warlock of all things pop-culture in and out of the studio!

Arush Dev

Motion Graphics Consultant

Arush eats, sleeps and breathes animation. A graduate in Communication Design, his fascination lies in designs coming to life. From tweaking key frames to fixing compositions & scales, Studio Fry is his favorite part of the day. Proper naming convention, cracking PJ’s and diving into classical symphonies is his forte. Also, there’s a reason he’s called the Buzzer Beater. When he's not in front of the computer, he’s definitely on the basketball court, showing off his love for the game and of course, for the lazadiez.

Vimal Rawat

Consultant/ Video Editor

Vimal Rawat, our one and Only Vimal, Vimal can look at a collection of random video clips and turn them into a. As our lead editor he can be seen in the studio in the wee hours of the morning, whether he is required or not. He has an eye for creativity and a unique talent for watching T.V. shows during tight deadlines. Thanks to Vimal, our electricity bills stay low cause he lights up any room he enters!

Toni Singh

Production Manager/Photographer