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All That Hype

Our introduction to Zeven was quite unintentional. One of the agencies we work with, All that Hype, called us the night before a shoot saying that "Hey guys, we have this opportunity, however we have a small window of time to execute". Studio Fry takes that challenge very seriously so we were totally up for it, specially when we found out what the project was. Mahesh Bhupati was launching a new athletic wear brand called Zeven! The atheletes endorsing the brand are amongst the top players in the country, from cricket, tennis and even speedwalking. Our first project with them was with the amazing Rohan Bopanna. It was an amazing experience to say the least, Rohan is one of the sweetest and talented people you would ever meet, he is dedicated, hard working. We even got to see him play at the IPTL! After the sucess of the Rohan Bopanna video, Zeven approached us to do a multi-city shoot for their next concept. Focusing on women and how they give up their love of sport for other duties. We followed 3 women at various stages in their lives and showed the world how even if you're a women in India, that doesn't mean that you cannot follow your passions. We even made a few top 10 lists of women empowerment campaigns!